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Malaysian Mayhem

To sum up Malaysia as a female traveller, in 3 words - Get A Headscarf. Simple as that.

I didn't enjoy Malaysia as we were constantly being stared at by Muslim men - it was awful. The only place we felt safe was in Penang as it was a former British colony. Cameron Highlands was pretty much run by Scots to begin with so it was safe there too - but that was it!

Melaka was so boring - it's not worth more than 1 day of precious travelling time.

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Borneo and Melaka / Malacca

So Borneo was a complete waste of time - what a let down!! After we landed we checked into a hotel as we were fed up of slumming it - it turned out that we were the only two white prople staying there!!

We visited a cat museum which was cool but after we left i managed to fall into a drain and rip my trousers and cut my leg - ouch! In fact the real reason i fell over was that i was ogling a group of male runners.... very embarrasing.

We went to the Orangutan Sanctuary to see how the rehab program works - hmmm all they have are 3 orangutans and big open confinements with a platform and a jungle gym type swingy thing - not at all like the wild! There were poor little monkeys who looked like they were in jail - absolutly no toys to play with or bars to swing from. They had 3 mad sun bears who kept walking back and forth, they had nothing to occupy them. Also, I managed to fall over AGAIN on a patch of soggy wet moss - I banged my bad knee and scraped the side of my leg - the guide showing us round didn't even bother to ask me if i was ok - cheeky monkey!

So now i have a bruise on my knee, a chunk missing from my ankle and a giant bruise on my calf - it hurts like hell!!

Other than those two places we visted a Cultural Village which was really cool - we got to learn about all the tribes who live in Borneo.

Now we are in Melaka - it's horrible! It's by the sea but constantly smells like sewage - nice!

We are taking the bus to Singapore tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I am fed up of being stared at like i am some celebrity!

I will update again soon! Can't wait to get to OZ!!! Yipee!!

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Kuala Lumpur

Ompah Lumpur Stick It Up Your Jumper ....

This place sucks - Kuala Lumpur is good for one thing only - the Petronas Towers. They are amazing - I have only uploaded one of my photos as i took so many of them!! They are beautiful but i would say that as i love architecture.

We are leaving tomorrow and it's not a day too soon - the people here all stare at us.... for christs sake we are in a CAPITAL CITY - do they not expect to see Westerners?? Obviously not. Maybe they stare at the sheer beauty of our faces..... :-)

The people in Penang and Cameron were lovely, the people here are not lovely - simple as that.

Anyway we are taking a flight to Borneo tomorrow - yipeeeeeee, going to see the Orangutan Sanctuary and a Cat Museum then we fly back to KL on 30th March and take a train or a bus to Melaka (Melacca) for 3 days then we travel onto Singapore to stay with Em's friends parents who live there!! I can't wait to go to Raffles in my swanky Thai handmade silk dress.

Check out my pics!!

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Cameron Highlands

We arrived here 2 days ago - it hit me instantly how much this place reminds me of home. It rains every day in the afternoon and you need to wear long trousers as its so chilly!! And all they do round here is drink tea!!

We have been on 2 days trips, visiting another Butterfly Farm, a Bee Farm, a Tea Plantation (Tea is what Cameron is famous for), hot springs, waterfall, temples, strawberry farms (yum yum!!) and that's about it!!

Oh, we did do some trekking in the jungle today and it was so slippery from the rain that i managed to get my trainer sucked off and as i was falling over my brand new camera landed in the sludge... nice. I was not happy!!!

We are taking the bus to Kuala Lumpar tomorrow - it is due to take around 5 hours - I will be happy to get back to a city - i think I am a city girl at heart!!

That's all for now folks!

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Penang Photos

I am currently uploading as many pics as i can - it's taking ages as the connection is painfully slow - well at least the tinterweb is cheap here!!!

Check them out!!

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