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Perth, Australia

G'Day Folks

I'm having a wonderful time here in Perth - we've seen some sights, had loads of retail therapy and applied for about a million jobs!! I hope something good comes my way soon!

I'm hoping to get a good insurance related job then get a little flat for me, myself and I to rent for 3 months then move on to another part of Australia!

There's not a lot more to say for now

Enjoy the British weather!

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G'Day All!

Perth is a great city - not busy like cities in England, but bigger than say, Coventry.

I have registered with a few agencies for work and have an interview at JLT on Tuesday - wish me luck! I will update more later as I am going out now with Jane.

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Check out new photos - i've uploaded loads this morning


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Beautiful Singapore

Singapore Zoo is by far the best Zoo in the World - every enclosure looked like a natural habitat, there were to bars, no wires and no mad animals.

The Zoo also happened to be huge!! The Zoo and the Night Safari are right next door to each other so we visited them both in the same day - we left around 11am and got home around 10.30pm - that's how big these places are!!

It also happened to rain on us again, a lot. My trousers turned a different colour and my Birks managed to dye my feet orange! I took a picture of the rain from a teeny shelter we found, have a look at it - it was bouncing all over the place!!

We saw some wonderful animals at both the Zoo and the Night Safari - I would highly recommend a vist if anyone is passing through Singapore on the way to Australia.

The day after the Zoo we did some shopping Singapore style! I bought new trainers and socks as mine are yukky!! After shopping we changed into our wonderful silk dresses and guess what - it was too big!!! I have lost about an inch of each hip (which is good cuz if it was only off 1 hip I would look really weird!!!) So my dress was a tad loose and it really shows in some of the pics so i have only posted the flattering ones!! Loads of people were looking at us in Raffles which is not at all like i imagined. I was expecting somewhere like the Waldorf Astoria in London .... not at all. The long bar could be an ordinary bar, with all the rules and regs in Singapore I was so suprised that people were eating nuts from the tables and throwing the shells on the floor - insurance nightmare!! I managed to slip on one and bump the table, fear not, I did not spill my singapore sling!! Which is in fact a very nice drink!

Yesterday we went to the Bird Park - again lovely enclosures, and lovely birds too!! We fed some very brightly coloured birds, can't remember their name, but i had loads of the buggers on me!! See the photos for an explanation!!

The other night we went to a "rock" club - it was in the basement of the Hilton hotel ... not a good start. It was the cleanest night club i have ever seen, clearly not a normal rock club. The band came on and did COVERS!!!! We stayed for 2 drinks and left. The drinks here are super expensive it's around 6 quid for a vodka and coke... eek!!

Last night we saw the world famous comedy hypnotist - Alan Bates from Liverpool, never heard of him myself, but it was a cracking night - I'd never seen a hypnotist before, but i'd definately go again.

Today we are spending lounging round pool and packing boxes to send more stuff home. Rachel and Joe are taking us out for Sushi tomorrow night for a farewell meal - I absolutley adore Sushi now - it's the cleanest safest food ever!!!

That's all now as we are going to the post office!

Bye bye xxx

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Yipee - normality!!! We arrived in the haven of Singapore yesterday. We are staying with Emma's friend Carrie's parents who live here. It's a damn good job too as it's pricey here! Not as much at the UK but pricey compared with Malaysia.

I only managed to spend 600 quid in Malaysia AND I bought a new digiatl camera. In Thailand i spent 800 - the lonely planet lies. Thailand was not cheap for us!! The 3 quid per night dorm rooms do not exist.

Also, for anyone entering Singapore from Malaysia by coach, as we were, beware that the queue for immigration is huge for none Malay passports. The bus will stop at the border where you have to get off with your backpack and fill out some forms blah blah blah. Then you get back onto the bus to be taken to the bus terminal ....... Wrong! Because your bus driver is Malaysian he waits only for the Malaysians to get back on the bus!!! So we were stranded at the border!! We could take 2 regular city buses to get to our desintation, but what a nightmare when you first arrive in a new country!! We ended up hailing a cab but that cost us more than the bus ticket itself from Malaysia!! Not a great start.

We eventually met up with Carries parents, Rachel and Joe - they are lovely, lively and very generous people. To let 2 strangers stay in your home for a week is a wonderful thing to do - especially for backpackers like us.

Anyway, moan over! Today we went to Sentosa Island which is at the very bottom of Singapore and is connected by a causeway. You pay an entrance fee to get in but that gives you unlimited acess to the buses around the island. Unfortunately the cable car was out for maintenance from today til the end of April, otherwise we could have taken the cable car across the sea instead of walk over the causeway :-(

We went to an Aquarium and a Dolphin Lagoon where they have pink, yes pink dolphins!! We went on a bizarre cinema ride thing where you watch a screen and the car moves around trying it's hardest to make you throw up or break your back. Finally we took a trip to the Merlion a giant lion / mermaid creature constructed from concrete which is supposed to guard the waters round Singapore - the view was ok but there was a mammoth storm overhead so we couldn't stay up there long because of the lightening!!\

We have not been so lucky with weather recently, ever since Cameron Highlands we seem to have brought the rain everywhere with us. It's too humid to put the rain mac's on so we just get wet - it's not fun, rain combined with sweat is just gross.

Tomorrow we are going to the Singapore Zoo which is supposed to be mega, so that should be fun.

That's all my news for now - hope you are all well.


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