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Just a really quick message to let you all know that we safely arrived in Broome!!!

The tour ws incredible, the best 8 days of my travelling days since leaving England!!

I'm staying in Broome for 3 nights, then flying to {Perth, then onto Cairns for even more fun!!!

I will update this more in the next few days with all the details, but we are all heading off to the pub to watch Ireland v Australia in the rugby - c'mon Ireland!!!

G'day to you all!


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Down South

15th June 2006

Good Afternoon Campers!

So, last weekend Jane, Chris, Chay and I visted the sights south of Perth.

First we visited Bussleton home to the world's longest jetty I believe (which we walked down in the bitter cold!!)

After this we drove to Pemberton, home of the Gloucester Tree which was used as a fire lookout out back in the old days (it's the tallest tree for miles) It's now open as a tourist attraction, visitors are allowed to climb the tree if they are crazy enough ...... Uncle Chris climbed it twice ...... proof that he is indeed one crazy man!!! The tree is absolutely huge!!! At the same national park are semi-tame birds called Lorikeets and 28's - see my photosite later for pictures of them. We took parrot seed to feed them, placed the seed in each hand and stood like scarecrows and they flocked to us!! Of course, i managed to get bird poo on my black jacket .....

We stayed in a motel in Pemberton that evening and watched the England match in the bar with locals and expats.

The next morning we drove to Denmark, stopping at Warpole on the way - Warpole is famous for the gigantic tingle tree (see pics). Denmark is a quaint, freezing cold town right at the bottom left corner of Australia (Jane and Chris have friends there who we stayed the night with).

The next morning we drove to Albany stopping at The Gap and the Natural Bridge just outside Albany, which are coastal touristy sights, believe it or not we actually saw whales breaching who were migrating to warmer waters. It was a brilliant sight to see! After this we headed to Whale World in Albany where they used to hunt whales for their oils - thankfully this has now been outlawed, but the plant remains open as a tourist attraction. Next we went into Albany for lunch and for a little drive around the town, then we headed home.

It was a great trip - well worth doing if anyone ever comes over to this neck of the woods!!

My next adventure is up North - Sarah, Michelle and I leave on Saturday morning at 7.30am to see the following:

Day 1 - Pinnacles desert, Lucky Bay - Overnight Bush Camp

Day 2 - Kalbarri National Park, Muchison River Pools, Nanga Bay Resort (working sheep farm) - Overnight Camping Park

Day 3 - Monkey Mia, Denham, Eagle Bluff, Shell Beach - Overnight Bush Camp

Day 4 - Carnarvon, Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef - Overnight Camp Park

Day 5 - Optional tours, snorkelling, whale spotting, dugong (sea cow) spotting, Exmouth, - Overnight bush camp Duck Creek

Day 6 - Tom Price, Karijini NP, Oxer's Lookout, Weano Gorge, Handrail Pool - Overnight Bush Camp

Day 7 - Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool, Karijini, - Overnight Bush Camp at Marple Bar

Day 8 - Coongan River, Jasperlite arriving in Broome around sunset

So, after that I stay in Broome for 3 nights, then fly back to Perth for 2 nights, then onto Cairns to meet up with Holly my new travel buddy!! Michelle and Sarah are flying onto Brisbane from Broome, so i will be making my way down the coast to meet up with them again.

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the lovely weather over there - it's only 20 here in Perth - i hear it's 28 in scummy nunny - and what's all that about freak golf ball sized hailstones in Coventry?!? Scary!!

Adios Amigos!

Jac xx

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It's been a while .....

So it's been over 20 days since I last posted on here - did you miss me??

Some of you may know that a week or so ago I was offered a permanent job here in Perth. After much thought I have taken the difficult decision to decline the job offer. I called the company today and asked them if they could postpone the offer of the job and they wouldn't - boo hoo.

There are numerous reasons behind turning it down but the biggest one is that for 12 months prior to leaving the UK I was saving every last penny and even doing carboots (with cool Aunty Nan!!) to make as much money as I possibly could to have the time of my life travelling around the Globe. I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember but for 5/6 years of my life I was tied down in Nuneaton with that horrible ex-boyfriend who's name shall remain "unspeakable".

I am 24 with the world at my feet and nothing to tie me to one place with any particular person as I am now travelling solo.

With those reasons in mind I have decided to continue travelling. I have also decided to extend my stay in Australia and spend less time in New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and the USA.

I am now planning to spend 2 weeks in New Zealand, 2 nights in Fiji, 2 nights in Hawaii and 4 weeks in the USA - enough time to see Hollywood, the Grand Canyon, Canada and New York again.

I hope no-one is too dissapointed in me for declining the permanent job; just put yourself in my shoes - it's a difficult decision!!

As i have now finished temping, my plan is to head South with Chris, Jane and Chay to see Albany, Bussleton and Denmark (not the European country!! We are actually going tomorrow) after that I am going to head back to Perth for a few nights, and then head up North with Sarah and Michelle (2 Irish girls I have met) to see the sights of Monkey Mia, Exmouth, Broome - after this I plan to fly over to Cairns and make my way down the coast to either Sydney as i have booked a ticket to see Hawthorne heights at the begninng of August, then either stay in Sydney to work or make my way to Melbourne to work until I leave OZ. The World is my oyster!!

Chris and I went to see Silverstein on 24th May and it was awesome! I love that band, the pits were just as violent as back at home (not what I was expecting from the laid-back Aussie types!!)

That's all my news for now, I finally had a spare 5 minutes to write this! I will post some more pics at some point today or when we get back from down south!!

Bye for now

Jac xxx

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Perth, Work and Rejection

Still here in Perth (that seems to be the opening line for my last few posts!!) Having a great time and I don't want to leave.

I'm really enjoying my job and have met loads of new people - none firm friends yet, but I will get a better chance to talk to them tomorrow night after work as it's the monthly office "sundowner" (which is a visit to a public house!!) The ticket costs $5 for all you can drink in a 2 hour period from wines, beers and soft drinks - cool!! And a great way to socialise with new peeps!!

They let me loose on the phones yesterday afternoon and I am coping really well which is good and all my team mates want Advance (that's the company) to take me on permanently - apparantly they offer a sposonship programme so i will bring that up on Monday after the sundown when they realise what a wonderful crazy lady i am!!!

I've had a rejection letter from the claims job and a phone call about the account handler job - they both need Tier 1 compliancy, which is the equivalent to what I have already under the UK regulations, but it's not good enough - I actually have to have the Ozzie qualification to work anywhere in the broking industry, so have enquired about doing the course by distance learning or by workshops or however!! I just want to get that under my belt then I will have employers falling at my feet!!

Emma has left Jane and Chris' to venture into the yonder of the bush!! She has got a 3-4 week chef job at some rural farm, then who know's what next!! Her departure will give me a better chance at meeting new people though, so all is good!!

I do miss home though and am really starting to miss my friends - I was walking to work the other day and Resound's "Band of Barons" came on on my ipod - hearing Blakes voice made me really really miss the side room of the Colly!!

I know you would love it here Sara, there are tons of weird people like you and me, so get yourself a passport, visa and some money and come on down!!

Bye for now


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Still here!!

Hello all!

I have applied for and had interviews for 2 jobs with Jardine Lloyd Thompson over here in Perth, one for a claims officer and one for an account executive (which is the Ozzie version of account handler). Just waiting to here back from them now - they are both sending my qualficiations to be assessed!

Other than that I now have temping work at Australia's largest financial company (apparently) and they offer investments and pensions - which is stuff I have never dealt with before but recognise some of the stuff from HIA. They are training me for a few days then setting me loose on the phones - it's not to give advice, it's to receive calls from clients and advisors about the value of their investments, or how much is in their pension fund, and they get a few calls from retired people asking for lump sums from their pensions. It shoulc be ok in the end, it just seemed a little daunting at first!!

There's not a lot more to report for now, but I will update more soon.

Also, I have to give a shout out to my (great) super, duper uncle.

There you go!

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