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Airlie Beach

So, Airlie Beach is a fun place! The weather is awful still, but i've done a one day sailing trip with Barbara. She has gone back to Sydney now and I am waiting for the Greyhound bus to take me to Brisbane to meet up with Sarah & Michelle again!

I am going to do a trip to Fraser with Barbara in August when the weather should be a little better (fingers crossed) Fraser is actually before Brisbane on the bus - so i will actually be going past it - but i am so fed up of travelling at the moment that I am just doing Brisbane for 5/6 days, Byron Bay for 1 day, and Surfers Paradise for 1 day then I should be in Sydney by 25th July, to get myself a job and a room share somewhere! I was going to go to Melbourne to work, but i've decided to stop in Sydney for a while as the weather in Melbourne is still so bad!!

Travelling is good fun, but when you're constantly in battles with hostel staff it gets a bit annoying!!! They make you pay extra for beds sheets, for blankets and even for pillows!!! They are trying to keep bed bugs out not encourage them by people using their own sleeping bags! So, I am really looking forward to having my own room and not having to share the bathroom with 7 other people!

Ooh, I only have 7 minutes left on this internet card and I have other stuff to do, so bye for now! The next captain's log will be from Brisbane.

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Hello People!

So it seems that the people of England do have opinions!!

Adrian - your comments was the funniest thing ever, I laughed so much i had tears in my eyes!!! In fact I am still laughing now!!

So, we didn't end up renting a campervan - it was too difficult to organise.

We (myself and Barbara from Hungary) took a 2 night organised day trip to Cape Tribulation, a day trip to Green Island and a day trip to Kuranda.

All were brilliant but i will have to write more later as my money is running out on this internet card and i am on a very tight budget at the moment so i can't write much more!!

I am now at Magnetic Island with Barbara, we have travelled to Mission Beach together and are taking the Greyhound bus to Airlie Beach tomorrow. The weather everywhere we have been is awful!! I have a great suntan though!

Yesterday we rented a Barbie Car - bright pink plastic roofless car - it was great fun!! I will post some pics of it soon.

Mobile signal is bad out here so don't worry if you don't hear from me for a while.

Bye for now


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Ermm ........... hello??

Does anyone care ??? No comments for how long??

Shall i not bother anymore, do the people of England think they are too good to post comments to make me smile??

Well, I won't bother telling you any of my news then .....

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Hello people!

Arrived in Cairns yesterday, made a huge heap of friends, so huge that I can't remember any of ther names and have resorted to taking their pic on my mobile and writing their name with it!!

Cairns seems nice so far, very warm and sunny. When I got off the plane there was this familiar hot smell - reminded me of the British summer!

Went out last night to Gilligans, PJ's (Irish bar) and the Woolshed, where I met the most bizarre Australian man! Needless to say, I didn't stay in there long I made a quick dash for the exit and paid $7 for a taxi home - scandalous! It's 3 minutes in the car, but a 25 minute walk.... and it was 4.45am - yes I got into bed at 5am.... but it's allowed as it felt like 3am to me as I was still functioning on Perth time!

There is now a 9 hour difference so if any of you ever feel the need to call then call between 9am-12pm UK time.

I am renting a campervan with Holly, Dervela from Ireland, and 2 other girls to drive up to Cape Tribulation, it's a rainforest area North of Cairns. We are going to go on Monday or Tuesday just for a few nights.

Finally, I would like to say that the hostel I am staying in is the best one ever!! If anyone goes to Cairns, stay in the Nomads Serpent hostel - dorm rooms $20, very very clean comfy beds, very clean showers and toilets, huge kitchen and huge bar - going to try the pool out tomorrow as I am so tired I will sink to the bottom if i go in today!! I have to go back now and get some kip in time for the England match tonight!

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All Terrain Safari

Yippee back in Perth where it's cold..... it was mighty hot up in Broome, very muggy, hot and sticky!

So, on the first day of the tour we visited the pinnacles, a bizarre sand/rock formation, and arrived at our bush camp just before sunset.... where are the tents I ask the tour guide Norm, there are no tents, only swags he replies, and I actually thought he was joking, it turns out that he wasn't!!

A swag for those of you who have no idea why I was so horrified is a Stinky Wet Bag..... no, not really - that's the name they were given by about day 2. It's a heavy duty sleeping bag made from thick green material, it's the same shape and concept as a sleeping bag except that you use your sleeping bag inside whilst wearing your jeans, t-shirt and 2 jumpers, and you are still cold - I kid you not, that is the truth!!

So, our camp sites each night consisted of a circle of chairs around the camp fire, the van next to it with all the cooking stuff laid out, then opposite that was the bedroom .... well the ground sheets with rows of Stinky Wet Bags. There was 13 of us on the tour, Me, Sarah, Michelle, Rike from Germany, Tek from Hong Kong, Ivan from Italy, then Sarah, Evelyn, Andrea (princess), Sandra, Rebecca, Thomas and Phillipe all from Swizterland. Andrea was so called the "princess" because she didn't lift a finger. One memorable time was when a cricket landed on her she threw her plate of pasta onto the floor, screamed then burst into laughter, and left it there - Norm meanwhile got a shovel, scooped her dinner into the fire and put her plate in the wash bowl whilst she continued to eat her mates pasta sat next to her - all four of us, me, Michelle, Sarah and Rike nearly punched her in the face but it was early on in the trip and we didn't want to cause an atmosphere.

Each and every night we slept in our swags under the stars, as there is no pollution out in the bush you really could see every star, every planet passing by, the entire milky way and around 15 shooting stars each night. It was incredible.

On Day 2 we visited the Z bend gorge, named so because the bend is shaped like a Z (so imaginative), another natural bridge, and saw Whales breaching again!! On day 2 we camped at Nanga in a camping park and got the luxury of out first showers (I had 2 because my hair was so greasy!!)

On Day 3 we visited Monkey Mia, where wild dolphins come to the shore to be fed by the rangers and tourists, it was very commercial and the dolphins are no longer wild as they come in EVERY day!!! The rangers only feed one dolphin and only give it one fish to encourage them to do their own fishing. Whilst at Monkey Mia, myself, Sarah, Michelle, Rike and Tek did a crusie on at Catamaran (we had it all to ourseleves!) we saw wild dolphins, who came right up to the boat and a reef shark and all sorts of other sea life!! Day 3 also consisted of a visit to Denham, the most Westerly Town in Australia, Eagle Bluff (a lookout), Shell Beach (a beach purely lined with mounds and mounds of shells) and we camped at a place called Gladstone.

On Day 4 we drove to Carnarvon which is a scary place, and did some shopping at Target for warmer clothes, then we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn and camped at Coral Bay, where again we had the luxury of showers!! The girls and I did some snorkelling that afternoon but the current was too strong and we couldn't get out to the good bits of reef.

The next morning (day 5) we snorkelled early and got out to the reef, and saw an abundance of tropical fish, intresting shells and we even saw a blue spotted manta ray which was just incredible. Later we drove to Exmouth to collect the Swiss Sarah as she was joining our tour from there and we camped in the bush at the roadside.

On Day 6 we drove to Tom Price a tiny mining village, then drove to Karijini National Park where we visited Oxers Lookout, 4 Gorges lookout, Weano Gorge and hiked into Handrail Pool for a swim - the water was icy cold but we needed it as we were so dirty!! I only managed to fall over once on the way back!! You had to hike down a waterfall to get to the pool and lower yourself down a vertical 5 foot drop holding a rope, it was scary as!! On the way back to the van i managed to slip on some wet grass and bash my knee, I just lay in a big heap waiting for someone to find me, as most of us were on our own at that point!! I hobbled around for the next 3 days but i am ok now!!

On Day 7 we visited Dales Gorges, the circular pool, fern pool and fortescue falls, all incredibly beautiful, but it was a difficult day for me with my dodgy knee - i survived, only because i knew we were stopping at a roadhouse for showers that afternoon!!! After the showers we drove down Australias most isolated road meeting only cattle on the road to get to a place called Marble Bar - where we went into the villages Tavern for a well earned vodka!! That night we camped in the bush at Marble Bar.

The next (and last) day we visited the Marble Bar (the first people to see it thought it was made from Marble, but it isn't) then we drove on to Broome, but it was a very long drive and the scenery was all the same, just bush - very boring!! I don't know how Norm managed to stay awake!! In total we travelled over 3300 kilometres.

So, then we arrived in Broome at out hostel, The Last Resort, and it really was the last resort, it was very scummy, the floor in the beathroom was a nice shade of brown and the showers were designed by hobbits, even little me had trouble fitting under them!!

Broome itself is small, has a supermarket, a mini shopping area, 3 pubs (1 irish, 1 scary and 1 we didn't go into) and 2 nightclubs, we only went in 1 and the music was awful, dum dum dum all night long!!

Our hostel was at the end of the airport runway which was heaven for me but no-one else liked it!! You could literally throw a stone out of the window and hit the runway. At least the airport wasn't busy, maybe 8 flights per day of 737's the rest were light aircraft.

On the last evening i attended an Astronomy Tour with a quirky eccentric man called Greg Quicke, he taught us all about stars, constellations, and we got to look through his 5 telescopes all pointed at different things in the sky - I got to see Jupiter and all it's lines and 2 of it's moons (Jupiter was sitting next to Libra on that night - my star sign!)

So, I am now back in Perth, uploading photos as we speak, or as I type I should say!! I fly to Cairns on Friday and am looking forward to getting back into travelling as the past 2 weeks have been such great fun.

Over and out.


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