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Hawthorne Heights

So this entry will interest all of about 2 people .....

But, I went to see Hawthorne Heights last night!! Yay!!

I must admit that I feel rather brave to have gone there all by myself, but fear not - on the bus to the venue i noticed 3 girls who looked like they were going there too, so i walked on over and asked them "Are you going to see Hawthorne?" and it turned out that they were!!

So, we all got off the bus together and they kind of adopted me for the evening - it was so cool!! I wouldn't dream of doing that in England as people look down their noses at you - over here people are laid back ..... it helped that i have a British accent as they thought I was cool!

The band were good, but the venue is round in shape so the sound wasn't that good, but it was still ok. For the first time in my whole life I walked into the pit and danced!!! Sara & Lucy will understand whzt i mean by that!! Oh My God, the bruises on me are unreal!! The pits over here are not as violent at back home, hence the fact that i could dance in it!!

It turns out that one of the girls, Lindsay has bought a ticket to see Panic at the Disco in October, and I had too, so we are going to go together - I can't wait!!

For those who are interested, I will be staying in Sydney until 6th October, I fly to Melbourne on 7th - so you've got the address, send me something funny!!

Oh, finally, Lou - the request for Monster Munch, as serious as it was, i'm not sure they would get through customs over here!! hahahaha


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Claims, Bridget Jones and Knitting

Yay - so today is my first proper day!! I've had 3 half days training last week, but I am finally here full time!!

My first phone call was from a guy who told me that part of building A13 was on the roof of his car, and what should he do??

Also, total scary Bridget Jones moment ...... I had not looked in a mirror all morning, until just now and a horrifing moment occured when I realised that I had not rubbed in the concealer I dabbed on a huge spot this morning - AAAAHHH imagine my horror!!

So, I have enough work to employ a small army on my desk, and it's around about lunch time here 12.10, so i will have my 2 minute noodles and an apple and crack on with the slave labour!

Finally, at the weekend, I learnt to knit!! WooHoo - I managed to create about 20 extra stitches on my work, which means the piece I began knitting in rather round in shape .... I have joined the work knitting club and will learn how to knit properly at my first meeting next week!

Bye bye fans


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There really was no point in me registering with 5 or 6 agencies when I knew that the only one which was any good is Hays!

I sent them my CV on Thursday as I was registered with the Perth office, and BAM, they get me an interview the next day, and 1 hour after the interview the job is mine!!

I start work next Monday at the Sydney Uni in the Claims office, they are self-insured, which thanks to Mr Booth I now understand!!

I will be processing claims for lost, stolen and damaged university property. The job is for 6 weeks and it's good pay and it's really close to my house!

After this I am sticking round in Sydney for a few weeks as I have booked a ticket to another gig (Panic at the Disco) then i will fly to Melbourne to get a job for a few weeks and meet up with Steaky Pie and Chips! (You know who you are!!)

That's all for now - time is running out!! I hate internet cafes!!


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I had a blast in Brisbane, but now I am in Sydney!!!


On the first day I moved into my new house then went to meet Barbara, she showed me some of the sights - the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sydney is a great city, not as scary as London, and not as smelly!!

My house is in Petersham, which is 3ks out of the city, I have a double bed, an armchair, TV, Sky (Foxtel), drawers and tables! What more do I need!! The bathroom is ok - still no bath though! The kitchen could be cleaner, so I will start making people pull their weight as who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen?!?

The rent is only $140 per week including all bills - thats 58 pounds per week. Also, even better for me is that our suburb is on the flight path into the domestic and international airports, and you can imagine how busy Sydneys airport is!! When I look out of my bedroom window I can see planes clear enough to read their registration number - they are probably about 150 feet above our house - we are 6ks to the airport - it's so cool!!

Well, I have registered with about 5 or 6 agencys in the past few days, so wich me luck with a job - if i don't find one i'll move onto Melbourne - but it's really cold there!!!


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Brisbane is a nice city!

I have met up with Sarah & Michelle, and have made a whole heap of friends in the hostel (Banana Benders!!)

The new plan is to stay here until maybe Saturday then take the Greyhound direct to Sydney, the reason I have decided not to go to Surfers or Byron is - what is the point?!

They are both beachy resorts, with not a lot to do other than sunbathe, shop and drink - none of which I can particulary afford to do!! I have friends in Sydney, Barbara (from Hungary) and Elad (from Israel - although he may have to go back to the army) so as well as finding myself a job I can have a good time with my friends!

On Monday I visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with Dorothee, my roomate - I even had a photo taken with a Koala - it was possibly the best experience of my entire life, I love Koalas so much!!! Check out my photobucket site, I have uploaded loads and loads of pictures as for once in my entire trip I have found a really really good internet cafe with a mega connection!

Yesterday, Dorthee, Adalin, Cara and myself went to the Queensland museum (boring I know but it was free!!) and in fact it wasn't boring, it was actually a really nice museum considering it was free! After that, Cara (Scottish) and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the flix - it was cool!

Cara is the first person I have met for ages who can actually understand my English, and I am English!! When I talk to a non-native speaker I have to change the way I talk!

I can't believe how long I have been away from home! I have to start thinking about what to do when I get home, it's not a nice thought!!

Bye for now

Jac xxxx

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