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Mobile Phone

just wanted to let all the UK callers know that if they call me, on the screen it shows "number unavailable" - if you don't leave a message I will have absolutely no idea that you called!

Don't be afraid to speak after the beep!

Also, to the completly inconsiderate pig who sent me 6 text messages at 5am - don't do it again!! You know who you are....

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4th September

Oh ny God - Steve Irwin is dead!

He has been killed by a Stingray Barb, which pierced his chest. I was only at his Austrlia Zoo the other week, and saw his daughter Bindi on the tram.

He was killed up at Port Douglas, in between Cairns and Cape Tribulation.

A more fitting death would have been being eaten by a croc don't you think??

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Blue Mountains / Katoomba

Good Morning People!!

I am back and exhausted from the Blue Mountains! I went for the weekend with Rike and we had a blast!

We walked / hiked / climbed / crawled for about 10 kilometres up and down and up and down zillions of steps, but the end result was the magnificent beauty of The Three Sisters.

It was a shame that at the actual lookout for the sisters were quite literally hundreds of Japanses tourists. The hike to get there was only used by real travellers, not tour bus companies.

Katoomba itself is lovely - if I had known just how lovely it was I would not have inflicted smog central upon myself.

I must apologise to all those people that I've had my huge moans to over the past few weeks. I* have discovered the reason that I've have turned Anti-Australia. It is the people of Sydney. The majority of them are not Australian born which makes them all rude arrogant idiots. The Australians are actually a nice bunch of people.

4 weeks to go in Smog Central then off to chilled out Melbourne for me - yeee haaaa

Oh, also, just uploaded pics to photobucket:


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Boring ................

I'm not going to even waste my lunch break with a big entry.

Went to Canberra for the day yesterday - it was so boring that I wish I'd stayed at home and sat in a corner of a dark room for the whole day - that would have been more fun.

Uploaded some photos onto photobucket of Canberra and a few from Sydney. There is a rather interesting one of me at Old Parliament House wearing a funny looking hat - they had a dressing up room!! I think that was the only time I smiled all day long.

If anyone wins the lotto soon, please send me 2k!! It would get me out of Australia and onto a new adventures - woohooo

On a slighty even more boring note - I have uploaded a picture of my 3 knitting projects - Mum take a look!! I am getting good!!

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Well well well - you come to Australia in search of the perfect sunset ..... and what do you find

Hailstones - millions of them!!!

I'm sat at my desk, watching the worst hailstorm I have ever witnessed!!! The roads are white like they are covered with snow - I hjust had my picture taken in a hard hat outside in the hail to show you all!!!

I will attempt to upload it to photobucket now!!

Oh, and i have to walk to the bus stop in 20 minutes, to get the bus to the swimming baths, then i have to walk home, another 20 minutes in this weather!!! AAAHHH

I'm a Froggett, get me out of here!!!!

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