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Just a quick entry to say that I am here in Melbourne living it up having a great time!

I haven't been able to find a job as I have such a short timescale, so I will have to be more careful with my pennies .... or so she says....

Melbourne is such a cool city!! The public transport is excellent, the people are mega friendly, the weather is as changeable as my mood .... hahahaha. Seriously though, they say you can experience 4 seasons in 1 day in Melbourne, and it's true!!

Not a lot more to report for now.

Bye bye!!!

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Farewell NSW

Thursday 5th October

Hello my darlings

Well my time in New South Wales is coming to an end.

Tomorrow is my last day at work, then I fly to Melbourne on Saturday to live with Stacey for 4 weeks in Moonee Ponds - home of Dame Edna Everage!!

Sydney is a wonderful, vibrant, busy city with incredible culture and has made me feel very welcome for the 9 weeks that I lived here. There were moments when I was ready to jack it all in and come home as I found the people here sooooo rude - after discovering it was the non-native's who gave me a false impression I started to have a damn good time!

So, tonight is the all important Panic! At The Disco gig, who most of you won't have heard of until just then. They are an amazing band from Las Vegas who are playing here tonight!! PATD are the sole reason that I stayed in Sydney for so long, I was not planning on getting a job here in Sydney and was going to watch PATD in Melbourne, but Icould only get a ticket or the Sydney gig, and I am so glad that I did otherwise I would never have met the wonderful people that I work and live with. Some of them I will never forget!! They give me a great excuse to have to come back here to visit!

I have uploaded some more photos of Sydney and a couple of me and my buddies celebrating my birthday in style!

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Fraser Island and the Froggett turns 25

25th September 2006

Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Protected by World Heritage, and totally derserving of that title.

Before we left Hervey Bay for Fraser Island, Barbara & I did a whale watching tour, first we saw a Dugong (similar to the American Manatee). It was simply amazing, as they are my favourite water mammals. After we saw dolphins and a sea turtle - then came the whales and plenty of them! A mother and baby took particular interest in our boat with the bottom deck crammed full of school kids - the kids waved at the whales and they put on a spectacular show!

Onto Fraser.... we decided to do a 2 day 1 night guided safari as it was the most suitable option because of my flight back to Sydney. Also, there is not much point doing a self-drive safari unless you are prepared to spend half of your trip bogged in sand.

We visited, 75 mile beach, Indian Head, Champagne Pools, Lake Wabby, Lake Birabeen, Eli Creek, Moheno Ship Wreck, various rainforests and stayed in a super luxury campsite! Our tents had 2 single beds in and polished wooden floors!

The most rewarding part was the 1.8km hike to Lake Wabby - you walk over huge sand dunes to get there and think that you are on the verge of death and your calves are about to explode, but the view of the fantastic lake is sooo worth it!

We saw all of 1 dingo - yipee doo dah day. It was a very helthy looking girl who took it upon herself to race us down 75 mile beach - we won.

Take a look at the photos i've uploaded of Fraser and of the huge gang of us that went out for my birthday - I didn't take too many photos as I was far too busy drinking, dancing and having a grand old time.

Being 24 is good, but 25 is so much better!! I'm a quarter of a century old now - wooo hoooo

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The Weekend!

So the weekend was fairly cool -went out on Friday with my housemates, got home at 4am, the pictures on photbucket tell the rest of the story .....

Gail, my birthday is next week, but thanks for the message!!

Must go as work has started!! Only in for 1 day this week - then 2 more weeks!

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Sydney Northern Beaches

Hello campers!

I totally forgot to update this lovely blog! Last weekend my work colleague / supervisor took me out for the whole day to all of Sydney's northern beaches - we drove for hours and had a great time!

It was raining for most of the time, but it seemed to magically stop when we arrived at each beach - bizarre! The surfers were out in force though, some of the waves were about 10 feet high!

So this week has been uneventful so far - made friends with some tops lads from Cumbria yesterday at the aqua class!! They are taking me out for my birthday around Newtown, which is the trendy suburb next to mine. My housemates are coming too - we've had a few new ones arrive - a couple from Ireland, a girl from Zambia and a guy from Russia - we are now a totally multicultural household!!

If anyone would like to see a video of me and the Sydney Opera House let me know - it's highly amusing!

I'm flying to Fraser Island on Tuesday for a few days so am really looking forward to that! Watch out for those Dingo's!!


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