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Fox & Franz Glacier


Hello people!

More pictures on the web today - all sorts of weird and wacky ones this time!

I am also uploading some videos onto youtube - I will send you the link when I figure out how to do it!

So ..... I happily left Queenstown behind me - It's ok to go there for 1 or 2 days but if you have no plans to attempt certain death or back injury with all the extreme sports, it's not a place for a holiday!!

I did a couple of walks and a trip to the Deer Park to see (suprisingly) Deer! Oh, and heaps of LOTR scenery .... I even managed to get a picture of Gollum - on no wait, that was me....

Onto Fox - I stayed in the only backpackers in town and met the most wonderful Spanish girl, Elsa and another girl from Argentina who's name we never found out! Elsa had enough money for the whole day walk on the ice so off she went. Me, I had enough money to do just about nothing .... so I took a shuttle to the other side of the Glacier and decided to attempt a couple of demanding walks for good views of the ice and eventually I would end up on the road to the terminal (that's where the glacier comes to a rest)

I set off on the Moraine walk and saw not one sole! I got scared half to death by a possum and didn't see the ice.... I made it back to the road and walked to the next viewpoint and got such a good view of the Glacier I was amazed that there was no-one around.

You have to understand that this place I was at was further away than the normal accessible view points. I have become highly aware of the large amounts of Japanese tourists snappy snapping at everything they see and getting incredibly excited - to say the least I avoid these people like the Plague - I would rather become Prime Minister of the World and take their passports of them forever!

Sorry about that, so the next hike was 4km to another walk which involved crossing streams - I was warned that due to heavy rainfall that it may be unsafe - believe me, it was really unsafe!!

I walked onto the next track, again got some amazing views of the Glacier and had to cross one of those scary rope bridges... only this time there was a raging torrent of ice water underneath it and not a sole in sight. I was the only person on this side of the water! I crossed it eventually (obviously otherwise I wouldn't be writing this blog!) Beyond the bridge was the main road with bus after bus of tourists packed in.

Next to the main road was the Fox River which was surrounded both sides with hundreds and hundreds of rocks - I decided to go cross country to the Glacier along the rocks - it was sooo pretty, and everyone else was missing out - hahaha. It turned out that the joke was on me when the rocks ended.

Hmmmm... rather than walk ALL the way back, I did what us frogs do best and waded across minus my shoes and socks .... Jeeeeezuz - I think my body temperature briefly dropped to 10 below, but it was sooooo brilliant to go back to the hostel and say "Yeah, I walked in the water"

After my brief paddle I walked up to the Glacier, it was ok, but there were too many people there and it spoilt it! Fox is the less touristy glacier, what would Franz be like?!? I was later informed that Franz was closed due to rainfall, so that explained that influx of people (the Glaciers are only 30 minutes apart)

Later that afternoon Elsa and I drove down to Lake Matheson but the weather was so bad that we decided to go back the next day (today) which we did and we did a little walk before going onto Franz and Greymouth, where I caught the Tranz Scenic train back to Christchurch. It wasn't so scenic as it was raining and there was tons of cloud around!!

I am now back in Christchurch and am flying up to Rotorua tomorrow, which is where all the geo-thermal and volcanic activity takes places. Apparently Rotorua smells like sulphur all the time!! I do hope that there are no eruptions there when I am visiting as that would really spoil things ...... hahaha

That's all for now - next report will be from Auckland! byebye

Posted by jacqui1981 23:36

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