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29 books and 22 flights later

I am home. The frog has returned to the nest (or lilly pad!)

Yes people you are reading this correctly, I never had any intentions of being away from home for Christmas..... sorry to tell a few white lies - it was all worth it!!

You should have seen the looks on Mum, Dad and Sara's faces - it was totally worth it and they have all said that a suprise was better than knowing.

To those who did know, Jason, Louise, Stacey, Jane and Chris thank-you so much for keeping my secret for such a long time.

In case you were wondering there are a few things I would have changed about my trip if I had my time over:

1. I would have gone alone from the start.

2. I would have taken in an organised tour of South East Asia.

3. I would not have spent so much money in Australia on clothes!!!

4. I would have taken an SLR camera from the start (I bought one in New York with my Christmas money - thanks, Mum Dad and Granma!)

Now I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being so incredibly supportive of me and my trip and for reading and commenting on my blog!!

I have a great network of family and friends and could not have done this without you and your continued support.

Signing out from Sunny Nunny.

(Until the next trip at least! ..........................)

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Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will only be able to call a few of you on Christmas day (you know who you are.... Mum/Dad and Sara in case you are wondering!!) so want to wish everyone else a Happy Christmas and all that jazz in case I can't get on the web any time soon!!

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Boston & New York

Happy Holidays Campers!

I am now in New York alll excisted about Christmas!!

First Boston.... it is simply the best city in the USA, I had a wonderful time, stayed there for 5 nights and did so much sightseeing and shopping - it was wonderful!

Those of you who actually know me, know that I love Ally McBeal.... I got to see all the sights where scenes were filmed so you can imagine just how chuffed I was!!

I met some wonderful people and one, a woman from NYC was taking the same bus as me from Boston to NYC, she ended up offering me a free ticket to see Charlottes Web with her and her friends, so I went along the other night, and what a great movie!!! I had never seen it before, but will make an effort to see the original now (it may help that I had already bought it as a Crimstmas present for my niece!!)

Onto NYC .... well I have been here twice before so wasn't sure just how much I would want to do .... I was mistaken!! There is so much here to do!! So far I have visited the Guggenheim, The Met, the Natural History Museum, Central Park, Hells Kitchen (which too was amazing to me, again those of you who know me, know that I read mafia novels ... almost all of these are based in the Kitchen. Yesterday I saw one of the pizzerias and the Copacabana club featured in most Mafia books.

Also yesterday I went to a Broadway show, Monty Python's Spamalot - it was brilliant!! I am a bit sick and tired of the Yanks humour, they just do not understand dry humour and I needed some British comedy to revive my sense of humour!!

I have to go now as I only have 6 minutes left, but to those people how have text me recently I can't reply as I only have the tinest smidge of credit until I find another T-Mobile store.

Today I am going to Ground Zero, then I am going to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge and go into Chinatown. Busy busy!

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New photos on photobucket, I don't have the link, but go to:

www.photobucket.com and type in jacqui_froggett in the search part and you'll find me!!

Also people, distinct lack of comments after each entry - come on, get together!!! (Not you Gail, you comment every time!!)

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Vegas, DC and Toronto

Hello there!

It has been a while now hasn't it.... The only reason for that it that web use is so expensive over here that I can't afford to update this blog!

I am now in Toronto where it is $3 per hour so I am happy!

Firstly, Viva Las Vegas!!

I stayed at the Sahara Casino and Hotel on the Strip and had an entire room to myself!! It was sooo good to have my own space and my own bathroom for those 4 days.

Vegas is a wonderful place, totally in the middle of the desert, and is a lot bigger than I had expected. I was expecting the main strip and then maybe two or three other main roads, but it turns out that a lot of people actually want to live in Vegas which means that it is a lot bigger than you think! Probably about the same size as Birmingham including all the suburbs.

I gambled on Blackjack and slot machines and spent $100 in the 4 days, courtesy of my parents!! I won some back but lost track in the end!!

On day 3 in Vegas I took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It is one of the most incredible places I have ever been to. (I probably won't go anywhere as amazing ever again) I managed to get a seat at the front of the bus so that when we pulled into the carpark I didn't hang around for anyone and got to enjoy the Canyon on my own for a good 15 minures before all of the fat Yanks turned up. I then walked the 3 mile trail to the village and met an Australian girl, Vanessa who was also on a RTW trip, it turned out she was on my bus way at the back, so we became buddies and enjoyed the scenery together.

The bus travelled over the Hoover Dam going to and from the GC. The bus has to be searched when you go over the Dam as they fear that someone will try to blow it up and flood Vegas.

Also, something we struck me as funny on the flight from Auckland to LAX was that it is illegal for passengers to congregate in the isles or by the bathrooms on the plane - strange or what?!

Next I flew to DC from Vegas with a stop in Cincinnati where the temperature was around -1.... this was my warning for just how cold DC was going to be.

DC was around -5 in the wind and around 2 out of the wind. It was the coldest place that I have ever been to. I had to buy a hat as soon as I arrived to keep me a little warm and I am still only halfway through knitting my scarf so I was a little chilly round the neck due to hacking all my hair off!!

The White House is nowhere near as impressive in real life but the US Capitol and the Washington Memorial are very impressive. There were tons of free museums on the Mall, I went in the Natural History and the Air & Space with a guy from the hostel, Paul who I had mety the night before. We had so many similar intrests including the Titanic and anything to do with flight; it made it great fun to spend the day together!

Yesterdya afternoon I left DC bound for Canada. I tried to change my bus ticket to Philadelphia but I wasn't allowed so I am here now!! I arrived at 7.30am after a very long bus trip. Toronto is not as cold as DC, probably because it is not on the coast, but it seems nice so far. I did some Christmas shopping today (Dad, I got you the best prez ever today!!) and have chilled out. I will do all the touristy things tomorrow (Monday) with a trip to Niagara Falls on Tuesday. I am going to the Greyhound station now to book a bus ticket to Boston for Wednesday as I am not keen at all on staying in Ottawa or Montreal as the prices are sky high as are the bus tickets. It's cheaper to shop here but not travel. I will then spend a few days in Boston, then go down to Philadelphia then either back to New York for Christmas or maybe down to Miami for Christmas then back to New York for New Year - who knows....

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